WildGuns - Neuigkeiten

Erobere die Prärie
Erobere die Prärie
Wilder Westen, rauchende Colts! Das Leben ist nicht leicht inmitten erbarmungsloser Hitze, endloser Wüste und dem ewigen Krieg zwischen Cowboys, Indianern und Vaqueros. Nur, wer sich durchsetzen kann, vermag hier Land zu besiedeln. Wie sieht deine Strategie aus?

WildGuns - Neuigkeiten

The Autumn Festival of the West


Howdy players of the wild wild west!

Why don't y'all come on over - Autumn has arrived which means it's time for the Autumn Festival!
But oh no! What are we going to do? Our meat supplies are completely exhausted!
We need your help if our festival's going to be a success.

Let the hunt begin!

Hard times are upon us, the drought has destroyed half of our harvest and
our livestock has also decreased, but we really need the meat.

But it's not all bad news: our spies have reported finding lots of valuable
meat in nature fields around your villages and it's easy to loot them
by simply attacking these spots! If you manage to get all the required
meat between October 24th and November 14th of 2014 you will receive a
nice reward for it. If you don't gather all required meat you will only
get a small reward as compensation.

We're counting on you!

Date: 24.10.2014 till 14.11.2014

Your WildGuns Team


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