BattleKnight - Neuigkeiten

Für Ruhm und den König
Für Ruhm und den König
Mut im Kampf und Geschick mit dem Schwert – nicht jeder Kämpfer vermag ein Ritter zu werden. Ewiger Ruhm wartet jedoch auf jene, die sich im Duell oder im Turnier mit der Lanze zu behaupten wissen. Finde deinen Platz an der Tafelrunde!

BattleKnight - Neuigkeiten

Update: v0.9.3.1


Dear users,

we have some interesting news for you, beside a new server for Spain and Poland this week! v0.9.3.1 is going to be released soon. Have a look on the changelog below, if you didn't check your local forums yet!

  • The tool tip of an achievement was still displayed on the old position,  even if the medal was switched to another spot.
  • When viewing an order war, members saw the castle map instead of the cool-down timer.
  • The merchant countdown was broken. Occasionally it displayed 24:30h (24h should be the maximum)
  • In some cases the achievement for the tournament challenges was displayed with a wrong medal.
  • The info box at the achievement-screen was broken.
  • The trip via ship from Endalain to Sedwich did not work.
  • The island was not available for a journey - the buttons did not work with IE
  • Changing order ranks is now easier – the area to click in from the drop down menu is larger.
  • A journey with the ship was offered between Talmet and Hatwig, even though there is no waterway.
  • The info box at the top of the combat report in group missions is displayed correctly now.
  • To move an item did not work after zooming in/out (drag&drop)
  • The option 'travel to this location' at the world map did not open the popup at the travel-map
  • It was not possible to got to work in some cases
  • The cool down of the tournament tent had no back groundimage
  • A users title will be displayed at his profile, the combat report, the message with the combat report and the table for the order war now


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